The Arts Foundation of the Mid Columbia is dedicated to Enriching Community Through Art. That’s why we exist. And we invite you to join us. We’re working on several projects and invite you to Join in the mission.

There are many reasons to join the AFMC. Some are listed here:

  • You believe in the arts
  • Your arts organization needs marketing and professional development resources
  • You live, work, or were born here and care about what others think of the area
  • You want to collaborate with others on art-centered projects
  • You don’t want to commute for culture
  • You believe art enhances the beauty of our community
  • You want to be part of something lasting
  • You want a tax write-off that is meaningful
  • An artist lives within you
  • You love your community
  • You are a visionary
  • You were in plays in high school and think other children should have the same opportunities
  • You enjoy symphony and other performances
  • You read poetry
  • You write poetry or novels or stories and want to promote the art of writing
  • You want your environment to be an abundantly beautiful place
  • You believe in the value of music to soothe the soul
  • You play an instrument
  • You want to do something for children
  • You want to leave a legacy
  • Art feeds your soul

Join Today. 



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