Registered Artists 2017

2017 Tri ART for Giving – Registered Artists

Sophie Calvey – Displayed at Lithia Dodge

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: Member of the following local arts organizations:

  • Allied Arts
  • Urban Sketchers
  • Mid-Columbia Watercolor Society
  • Cyber509
  • Plein Aire Group

Former Exhibitor at:

  • Aiken, SC
    • Aiken Gallery
    • Aiken Historical Society
    • Fitness and Wellness Center
    • Women of Woodside Fundraiser, Aiken, SC
  • Port Gibson, MS
    • Art in the Park
    • Chamberlain Hunt Academy
  • Govett Brewett Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Medium: Acrylic

Artwork Description: “Inspiration Falls” – The splendor of this landscape is one of flowing lines and color of vertical flowing waterfalls. The light is peeking thru in the background. The waterfalls is the focal point. The hues of gree trees and foliage surround and balance the falls. The rocks have been built in shapes and textures to give depth to the painting.

I titled this work “Inspiration Falls” as the focal point of the falls is well expressed. The value patter in well organized and gives harmony, therefore I think of this as inspiration to the varied points in our lives.

Artwork Size: 16″ x 20″

Image of Work:

Calvey - Inspiration Falls

John Clement – Displayed at Campbell & Co

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: John began his career in photography in the early ‘70’s after graduating from Central Washington University with a double major in Geology and Geography. Since then he has earned a masters of photography from the Professional Photographers of America. He has received over 65 regional, national and international awards for his pictorial and commercial work. John was awarded first place in the National Natural Landmark Photo Competition for his entry Wallula Gap Twilight and Grand Rhonde Goosenecks. The images are featured in their nationally published calendar. Collaborating with historical author Richard Scheuerman, John has five published books: Palouse Country; A Land and its Peoples, Palouse Country, the Oral History Edition, Wenatchee Valley and its First Peoples, and just released by WSU Press, Finding Chief Kamiakin, and Harvest Heritage. John has published his own coffee table book Northwest Drylands-Seasons. John supplied many of the images for the book entitled Where the River Bends (A Historical Geological Look at Wallula Gap) by Bob Carson at Whitman College in Walla Walla. Other projects include a calendar for the Yakima Valley Farmworkers, images for Schweitzer Engineering calendar, a calendar for McGregor Company in Colfax, and his own calendar, Northwest Drylands. John has produced a DVD entitled The Seasons of the Northwest Drylands featuring original music composed by Michael Allison of Puyallup, Washington. He has recently provided photographs for Country Music Magazine for an article featuring Benton City’s country musician James Otto and photographs for Northwest Travel Magazine. He has supplied 17 murals for the Seattle Seahawks stadium and images for our own Carousel of Dreams here in Kennewick. His work can be viewed at, and on John Clement Photography Face Book Professional page and at Kiona Winery in Benton City, and at Allied Arts Gallery in Richland.


Medium: Photography

Artwork Description and Size: “Winter Sun Peeking Thru”, 23″x40″; “Stormy Light Cannon Beach”,  24″x40″; “Star Trails and Meteors – Horse Heaven Hills”, 16″x30″

Image of Artwork:

Winter Sun Peeking Thru


Stormy Light Cannon Beach

Clement - Stormy Light Cannon Beach

Star Trails and Meteors – Horse Heaven Hills


Patrick Fleming – Displayed at Fuse SPC

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: Pat Fleming is celebrating his 46th year of teaching art and his 51st year of art, in one form or another, being his primary source of income.


Medium: Acrylic

Artwork Description: “Awe”

Artwork Size:

Image of Work:


Fleming - Awe

Amber Garrett – Displayed at Pediatrics for You

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: I am a nutrition student that found comfort in art when I was in middle school. I have been self taught my entire life, so I believe my art reflects my passion and imagination.

Medium: Acrylic

Artwork Description: “Star Struck” – 3-part series

Artwork Size: 16″x20″ (all 3)

Image of Work:

Star Struck:

(Part 1- “Blood”)Garret - Star Struck series (Part 1 - Blood)

(Part 2 – “Tranquility”)Garret - Star Struck series (Part 2 - Tranquility)

(Part 3 – “Dream”)Garret - Star Struck series (Part 3 - Dream)

Ron Gerton – Displayed at Pediatrics for You

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio:

Ron Gerton is a retired mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in the nuclear field. The Art Nouveau style, with its emphasis on natural forms and shapes is his favorite design inspiration. He creates hollow vessels from highly figured wood and combines these with cast bronze shapes to create unique sculptures. He has his own bronze foundry he constructed out of discarded industrial materials. To him, nature is the greatest creator of beauty and his challenge is to display it beautifully.

He has pieces in the permanent collection of the Detroit Institute of Art Museum, the New York Museum of Art and Design, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, The Addison museum of Art in Boston, The Fuller Craft Museum in Boston, The Minneapolis Museum of Fine Art, The Mobile Museum of Fine Art, and the University of Michigan Art Museum, the Peabody Essex Museum of art, Salem MA. His work can also be found in many fine private collections and in numerous books and art magazines.


Medium: Laser cut wood scraps, found objects, LED lights

Artwork Description: “I’ll Never Forget You”

Artwork Size: 2′ x 3′ x 4″

Image of Work:

I’ll Never Forget You

Gerton - I'll Never Forget You

Ankita Ghosh – Displayed at Gallery at the Park

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: Ankita Ghosh is a software engineer from Kolkata, India where she obtained an undergraduate degree in Information Technology. She is in an exploratory phase of her fledgling career aspiring to be an artist. After a ten year stint in the software industry, her penchant for art triumphed over her technical skills and convinced her to passionately pursue her aesthetic inclinations. Since the last year, she has been taking courses in Painting, Drawing, Design, and Illustration.

Medium: Oil on canvas panel

Artwork Description: “Skagit Valley”

Artwork Size: 8″ x 10″

Image of Work:

Skagit Valley

Ghosh - Skagit Valley

Allison Griffith – Displayed at Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet

#of Pieces entered: 1

Artist Bio: Allison Griffith is an emotional designer who loves to create works that inspire and engage the viewer. Feeling emotions is the best way to experience art, no matter the emotion.

Medium: Watercolor, acrylic, mixed media

Artwork Size & Description: “Traveling Beauty” series of 3 – all 12″ x 16″

Image of Work:

Griffith series - Blue Bed (part 1) Griffith series - Polka Dot Umbrella (part 2) Griffith series - Red Dress (part 3)


Judith Loomis – Displayed at Homewood Suites

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: Judith Loomis earned a BA in art while making homes for her children and engineer husband near several nuclear power plant construction sites. Arriving in Richland 29 years ago, she was fascinated with the history of the area and began to depict Hanford and waste in various ways. This painting of a cocooned reactor was intended to make a plea for preserving B Reactor as a historical monument; because of other people’s efforts, it is now part of the Manhattan Project National Park.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artwork Description: “Cocooning Radioactivity” – an abstract image of B Reactor with a cocoon shape and golden webbing covering it

Artwork Size: 53 1/4″ wide x 42″ high x 1 3/8″ deep

Image of Work:

Loomis 1

Anndrea Reisanauer – Displayed at Stick & Stone Pizzeria

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: A teacher by day, charcoal artist by night. I draw with my heart and shade with my soul and leave small remnants of both in every piece I create.

Medium: Charcoal

Artwork Description: “Princess Leia”

Artwork Size: 14″ X 17″

Image of Work:

Princess Leia

Reisanauer - Princess Leia

Natasha Rodelo – Displayed at Gallery at the Park

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: I am a local artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Central Washington University. My father and I have been practicing artists for the community for many years with artwork displayed throughout the Columbia Basin region.


Medium: I find inspirations in the ephemeral colors around me. They suggest a weightless feeling and I become connected to the world through color. I create abstract or representational paintings derived from that emotional state. My recent work draws upon the emotional language of color to create a platform for the audience to connect with my work. My paintings become a dialogue emphasizing on the relationship between humans and nature and the results, consequences, and paradoxes from our coexistence.

Artwork Description & Size: “To Coexist”: series 12” x 12” x 1 3/8″,  “A Homage”: 12″ x 12″ x 1 3/8″

Image of Work:

Rodelo - To Coexist Series

Mike Sheridan – Displayed at Barnard Griffin

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: Mike is an Engineering and Quality Professional living in the Tri-Cities with his spouse of 33 years. Mike has dabbled with photography since childhood. Known by his family for multiple sunrise and sunset shots. His entry for Tri Art 2017 is by far his favorite and was shot in 2011 on Orcas Island in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Medium: Photograph on Canvas

Artwork Description: “Tranquil Reflections on Sunset”

Artwork Size: 36″ X 24″ X 1″

Image of Work:

Tranquil Reflections on Sunset

Sheridan - Tranqul Reflections on Sunset

Corinn Simpkins – Displayed at Anelare Winery

# of Pieces Entered: 5

Artist Bio: Corinn Simpkins is local artist and educator. Originally from the Seattle area, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western Washington University in 1988 and began her career as a technical illustrator. Subsequently, she attended the University of Washington where she obtained teaching certification in 2003. Corinn practices a variety of media from textiles to printmaking.


Medium: Encaustic

Artwork Description & Size: “Let Your Light Never Grow Dark”, 36″ x 36″; “Evolution of Design”, 60″ x 24″; “The Eyes of the Lord Search the Whole Earth”, 48″ x 28″; “Words of Wisdom”, 62″ x 12″; “Lead Me to Calm Waters”, 12″ x 48″


Let Your Light Never Grow Dark


The Eyes of the Lord Search the Whole EarthIMG_0087

Words of Wisdom

IMG_0083 2

Lead Me to Calm Waters


Evolution of Design

IMG_4563 2

Jess Stangeland – Displayed at Pediatrics for You

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: Jess is a Tri-Cities native who is inspired by new places, music, people, and nature. In her work Jess is a Community Organizer at Fuse SPC, sits on several Boards and is an active proponent of local arts and culture. As one of the original organizers for Tri ART for Giving this is Jess’ first time as a registered artist. Jess has always loved art in many forms, being a classically trained cellist as well, and loves trying new medium and tools as she believes art is constant evolution.

Medium: Wood, acrylic, paper, silk string

Artwork Description & Size: “1000 Cranes” – It’s a 2-D board about 2′ x 3′, with 3-D hanging paper cranes that are fully adjustable to fit whatever space!

Image of Work:

1000 Cranes

Stangeland - 1000 Cranes

Cassie Taylor – Displayed at Col Solare Winery

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: I grew up in the Tri-Cities and have enjoyed the process of creating since I can remember. I love to work with pre-used materials to create visual abstract art pieces. From pressed flowers, to metal and glass, nothing is off limits.

Medium: Recycled cardboard ‘canvas’ with homemade wood frame. Consists of pressed flowers, metal, glass beads, acrylic and oil paint, and glitter glue.

Artwork Description: “Forgotten Forest”

Artwork Size: 37″ x 31″ x 3″

Image of Work:

Forgotten Forest

Taylor - Forgotten Forrest

Ellen Tomaszewski – Displayed at Lithia Dodge

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: Ellen Tomaszewski started painting later in life, after raising four children and one husband. Currently, her efforts are focused on iconography, an ancient technique of egg yolk mixed with pigment, painted on gesso and linen-covered wood. Most icons also include gold leaf. Although the process is very time consuming, Ellen likes it because it opens her soul to deeper, spiritual realies.

Medium: Egg Tempera and gold leaf

Artwork Description: “Our Lady of Tenderness”

Artwork Size: 16″ x 19″ x 1″

Image of Work:

Our Lady of Tenderness

Tomaszewski - Our Lady of Tenderness

Jason Tomlinson – Displayed at Market Vineyard

# of Pieces Entered: 1

Artist Bio: Jason Tomlinson (PhD) is an atmospheric scientist and award winning photographer based in Richland, WA. His passion in life is the  natural environment and bringing awareness to it both scientifically and artistically. Constantly on the road, his travels have taken him and his family to all 50 states, 40 national parks, and 20 countries across 4 continents.


Medium: Fine Metal Print with a Satin Finish

Artwork Description: “Harvest Red”

Artwork Size: 50″ x 25″ x 3/4″

Image of Work:

Harvest Red

Tomlinson - Harvest Red

Laura Turo – Displayed at Caterpillar Cafe

# of Pieces Entered: 2

Artist Bio: I am a painter, illustrator, and ceramic artist.  I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University; where I studied ceramics, painting, and ceramic engineering.  I grew up in Syracuse NY, I worked at the Everson Museum and Shenfeld Tile Studio before I moved to the Pacific Northwest to work in ceramic science research.  Please see my portfolio on for more information and breadth of work.  Thank you!


Medium: Charcoal, pen, colored pencil

Artwork Description: “Our Electronic Lives” and “Fear makes enemies out of those who would otherwise be friends”

Artwork Size:

Image of Work:

Our Electronic Lives

Turo - Our Electronic Lives

Fear makes enemies out of those who would otherwise be friends

Turo - Fear Makes Enemies Out of Those Who Would Otherwise Be Friends

David Wyatt – Displayed at Barnard Griffin

# of Pieces Entered: 3

Artist Bio: David Wyatt was named the EPSON Aerial Photographer of the Year in 2016 by the Professional Aerial Photographer’s Association Int’l. He has received multiple honors for his work in international, regional, and local competition, including the prestigious Condotta Award for Excellence in 2-Dimensional Medium from the Allied Arts Association. His aerial fine art photography has recently been selected for juried shows by the Blue Sky Gallery (Portland) and the Larson Gallery (Yakima).


Medium: Aerial photography

Artwork Description:

Entry #1: “Spring Mounds of Wheat” is an aerial photograph of natural contours of new growth wheat in the Palouse.

Entry #2: “Infinite Palouse” is an aerial photograph of lower Palouse region natural contours appearing to stretch into infinity.

Entry #3: “Ancient Flood Rhythmites” is an aerial photographic detail of the intricate natural architecture of rhythmites, known locally as the White Bluffs on the Columbia River in the Hanford Reach National Monument.

Artwork Size:

Entry #1: 20H x 40W; Entry #2: 20H x 40W; Entry #3: 27H x 40W

Image of Work:

Spring Mounds of Wheat

Wyatt - Spring Mounds of Wheat

Infinite Palouse

Wyatt - Infinite Palouse

Ancient Flood Rhythmites

Wyatt - Ancient Flood Rhythmites

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