Tri ART for Giving FAQ&A:

What is Tri ART for Giving?

Tri ART for Giving is an unconventional community art contest and fundraising event featuring artist exhibitions at selected locations throughout the Tri-Cities benefiting the Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia.

Bringing together area artists and venues, Tri ART for Giving is an exhibition, contest and celebration of arts in our community. Area artists are invited to partner with businesses and organizations throughout the Tri-Cities to develop an installation with the theme of their choice. During two weeks in May, the Tri ART for Giving event will host visitors to the various locations in a community-wide celebration and fundraiser. Guests can self-tour using Tri ART for Giving maps or they can participate in a variety of events which will be held through the Tri ART for Giving weeks. Prizes will be awarded to winning artists and venues.

The Leadership Tri-Cities Class XX has joined with the Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia to create the first annual Tri ART for Giving art contest and fundraiser.

Who is Leadership Tri-Cities Class XX?

Leadership Tri-Cities is an educational program, founded in 1994, that provides a forum to examine and dialog about issues facing our region. The program provides an unparalleled and immersive learning experience, developing knowledgeable leaders to serve our community and become catalysts for positive change. The course includes ten sessions focusing on various sectors and industries shaping of our region. 

Class XX is comprised of 25 talented local leaders with a diverse set of backgrounds.  Our values as a class include family, faith/spirituality, love/affection, happiness and honesty/integrity.

Who is the Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia (AFMC)?

The Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is passionate about art and culture. Their mission is simple: they want to enliven our area, the Mid-Columbia region, by promoting and celebrating art in all its forms, including collaborative projects and art patronage. They want to bring together artists, art organizations, and citizens who care about art to beautify our area, and bring people here.

How do I participate in Tri ART for Giving?

There are many opportunities to participate in the first annual Tri ART for Giving event!  If you are an artist you can register your work by visiting our Contest Application page to be chosen by a local venue to display.  If you are a local venue you can register on our Venue Registration page.  We will be in need of volunteers during this event and we would welcome your help.  If you are interested in volunteering please register on our Volunteer page.  As the name describes, this is a giving event.  We would love for you to participate by giving your hard earned money to this cause.  All funds will benefit the Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia, prize money for artists and venues, and seed money for next year’s Tri ART for Giving event! Donate by clicking here.

When is the Tri ART for Giving event?

May 8, 2015 – May 23, 2015

Where is the Tri ART for Giving event?

Tri ART for Giving will be held at local businesses and non-profits around the Tri-Cities, WA.  Locations to be announced in March.

What is the entry fee to register?

Artists: $50 per piece (please click here for more information).

Venues: $100 for one registered artwork, $200 for multiple registered artwork pieces, up to 3, and $300 for 4 or more registered artwork pieces (please click here for more information).

Why do businesses have a higher entry fee if the prize is smaller?

Venues will have the benefit of higher foot traffic and therefore hopefully more sales and awareness.

Why is the artist entry fee higher than other local juried art contests?

Tri ART for Giving is a fundraising event.  The goal is to bring masses to art and art to the masses WHILE raising money for our local Art non-profit AMFC.

While at first glance, the contest fee might seem high, we believe the value is great. 1) Any artist who enters will gain a great deal of publicity about their work and their craft. 2) The piece will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people during the contest and on our website. 3) People interested in purchasing that artwork will be able to see and experience your work. 4) Each person who enters will also receive a membership to the Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia, a $25 value. 5) Monies collected will go toward the thousands of dollars given as prizes, as well as toward marketing this event to make sure all art work is seen by many. 6) Monies will also be used to support the Arts Foundation of the Mid-Columbia to ensure we can provide this event in the future.

Is this Art contest a juried event?

Yes!  There will be first, second and third prizes in two categories: People’s choice and a juried vote.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at TriArt.For.Giving@gmail.com or (650) 265-1193.



If you would like to make a donation to Tri Art for Giving as a patron of the arts, please click the “Donate” button below and support the arts of the Mid-Columbia today!

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